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Our burgers are sure to tempt the taste buds of any beef-loving burger connoisseur. 

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About Us

Our history

 A quest for a better burger led founders Terry & Chris to open  Pounders. Tired of the same old fast food options and disappointed with  the "gourmet" burger restaurants, Terry & Chris decided to make  there own gourmet burger and make it truly gourmet.  
After experimenting with a blend of different ground beefs, We decided on 100% fresh ground brisket. 

Our food

Made from our unique blend of ground brisket our burgers are sure to  tempt the taste buds of any beef-loving burger connoisseur. Made with  the freshest ingredients and freshly baked buns, We ensure that our  ingredients meet a high standard of quality that you can trust.  

Customer comments

 Pounders is AMAZING!!!! The food is  great, as well as the owners! I had the ahi tuna tacos and they were  phenomenal! My family had the burgers and raved about them! We can't  wait to see you guys again!!! 

 “Meat sweats in full effect, I'm glad I skipped lunch for this!!

*out  of respect to the cows and pigs who gave their lives for this meaty  goodness, please honor them by not ordering well done....please just  don't......